How to apply

Top Tips for your application:

  • Make sure you apply early. We recruit on an ongoing basis and prioritise applications based on the application date.
  • Complete your application form carefully, don’t rush. It is your opportunity to show us your motivation, skills and to make a good impression.
  • Research GSK through different platforms before applying to understand if we are the right company for you.
  • Think about what skills you have that you can bring to your chosen role that will help GSK make an impact to patients’ lives.
  • Make sure you have completed your online test, and full application form before the application deadline, or your application will not be considered.

The application process


Stage 1: Eligibility form

The first step after registration is to complete a short online form that confirms your basic details and confirms your eligibility for your chosen programme.  



Stage 2: Online Assessment

Next you will be asked to complete our bespoke GSK online assessment. You will hear from current students and graduates to learn a little more about what it’s like to work at GSK, as well as being shown different real-life scenarios and how you would react to these. The assessment should take around 45 minutes to complete, and you can                                             pause, rewind and come back to the test as many times as you like. You                                         will have 5 days to complete this test, and will also receive a feedback                                             report on how you did after completion.
                                        Please note it can take up to 24 hours to hear of an outcome after this                                             stage.  

Stage 3: Application form

If you have passed our online assessment you will then be able to complete your full application form, where you will give us details of your qualifications, skills and experience as well as motivation for your chosen placement and for GSK. The information you provide will then be carefully reviewed by a member of our team.



Stage 4: Video assessment*

Once your application is screened if you are successful you may be asked to complete a video assessment. This is a one-way video assessment where you will be asked a mixture of competency and motivation questions.

                                        *This stage is only for some industrial placement areas. All summer                                                 placement programmes will have this stage.


Stage 5: Assessment Day

The final step in the application process is designed to allow you to demonstrate your relevant skills and abilities in a number of different ways. We will invite you to your chosen GSK site for a half day assessment day, where you will participate in a number of activities which will include:
    -  A presentation you will pre-prepare
                                            -  An individual interview
                                            -  A group exercise with up to 5 others*
                                            -  A practical exercise*
                                        * Please note activates will vary between programmes. Not all                                                         programmes will include a group task or practical exercise


Stage 6: Offer

After the assessment day, we will aim to get back to you within 7 working days with an outcome and schedule a time for a feedback call. If successful, we will ask for a few more details and get your contract out to you as quickly as possible!