How to apply

Top Tips for your application:

  • Make sure you apply early. We recruit on an ongoing basis and prioritise applications based on the application date.
  • Complete your application form carefully, don’t rush. It is your first opportunity to show us your motivation, skills and to make a good impression.
  • Research GSK before applying, to understand if we are the right company for you. 

The application process

Stage 1: Application form

You will be asked to complete an on-line application form, giving details of your qualifications, skills and experience as well as motivation for your chosen placement and for GSK. The information you provide will be carefully reviewed by a member of our team. .

Stage 2: Online tests

Next you will complete up to three online tests. If you meet the benchmark for each test you’ll progress to the next. All candidates will complete a general ability test, other tests will depend on the area you have applied for.

Stage 3: Video assessment*

If you are successful in the earlier stages you may be asked to complete a video assessment. This is a one-way video assessment where you will be asked a mixture of competency and motivation questions.

*This stage is only for some industrial placement areas. All summer placement programmes will have this stage.

Stage 4: Assessment Day

The final step in the application process is designed to allow you to demonstrate your relevant skills and abilities in a number of different ways.  You will participate in a number of activities which may include a presentation, an interview and a group task. Activates will vary between programmes.