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The independent medical education that we support must be patient-focused and free from pharmaceutical industry commercial interest. For further details on our criteria for support please read our criteria document (PDF).


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Application form

If you are an eligible independent medical education provider and would like to apply for a grant please complete, sign and return the application form (PDF).


2015 Submissions

All submissions that have been already received by December 2015 will be reviewed by the end of 2015 and decisions communicated accordingly. Anything received during the remainder of 2015 will be reviewed in the first 2016 funding round.

Application deadlines for 2016

The first deadline for 2016 is now closed. The applications received will be reviewed in June. Applications will be assessed according to the criteria documented in the criteria document (PDF).

Call for proposals timetable:

  1. August 2016       Deadline for submissions October 31st 2016
  2. January 2017      Deadline for submissions April 30th 2017

Information on the timing of decisions for funding requests will be made available following the submission deadline.

Please review this website regarding the application process and deadlines before submitting your proposal.

Please note that the panel reserve the right to make the final decision. Due to the large volume of requests anticipated, there will be no recourse to appeal and we will not enter into any correspondence outside of this process.

Please send your completed application form to:



Medical Executive, Associate Medical Director Teram
GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd
Stockley Park West
UB11 1BT