2014 Aggregate Healthcare Professional Payment Disclosure

In 2014 GSK made payments totalling £1.18 million to 777 UK-based healthcare professionals (HCPs) for providing advice and consultancy, including chairing and speaking at meetings, assistance with training and participation in advisory boards. Many UK-based HCPs are considered global experts and therefore these fees include payments made by GSK operating companies around the globe. This figure does not include payments to consultants in relation to research and development work, including conducting clinical trials.

GSK ensures that any payment made to HCPs is reasonable, within market rates and reflects the time they spend speaking / advising.

We also paid a total of £442,000 in sponsorship payments to support 174 UK-based HCPs to attend scientific conferences and meetings in 2014. Sponsorship in this context includes registration fees, costs of accommodation and travel (both inside and outside the UK).

2014 grants and donations to healthcare organisations

GSK provides grants and donations in response to unsolicited requests from UK healthcare organisations to support medical programmes that cover unmet needs and improve patient care.

In 2014 we paid a total of £138,184 to 13 healthcare organisations. Further details of these payments including organisation names and amounts are provided in our 2014 Healthcare organisations grants and donations document.

If you have any questions about GSK’s payments to healthcare professionals or grants and donations to healthcare organisations, please contact us on 0800 221 441, or email customercontactuk@gsk.com.