Crisis is determined to end homelessness. The charity helps homeless people rebuild their lives through ground-breaking services and campaigns to end the causes of homelessness.

GSK’s funding has supported Crisis for more than six years – particularly its creative activities and health services. In the arts GSK has sponsored the charity’s high profile Crisis Commission exhibitions that brought together homeless artists and world renowned names like Tracey Emin and Martin Creed.The arts are important to Crisis, their creative activities offer people the chance to express themselves, find new confidence and motivation to move on with their lives. Many clients who have attended Crisis’ art classes have gone on to forge careers as artists, milliners and sculptors.

GSK also supports Crisis’ health services. Homelessness is very bad for your health. Individuals often need dedicated specialist support to recover from the isolation and hardship of homelessness. Being homeless can have a devastating impact on a person’s mental and physical health. Sadly, the average age of death for homeless people is just 47 years.

Through one-to-one mental health coaching, drop-in opticians’ services, and support accessing GPs, we help people regain their physical and mental wellbeing after the isolation and hardship of homelessness. Whether it’s by joining a group visit to the theatre, attending a yoga class, or taking part in a football tournament, Crisis offers people a chance to take part in engaging and sociable activities to help them rebuild their self-esteem.