County Durham PCT and GlaxoSmithKline working together to improve the management of osteoporotic patients

Executive Summary

To audit six practices, two in each of the shadow CCGs, in order to inform the development and implementation of a care pathway for patients with osteoporosis. This project will run between May 2012 to October 2012.


To improve the identification, management and treatment of patients within a clear patient pathway across primary and secondary care.


  • To identify the patients who are at risk of or who have experienced a fracture.
  • To identify those patients whose Osteoporosis is sub optimally managed.
  • To inform the care pathway for the groups of patients identified.
  • To improve the level of treatment/management provided to these patients, in line with National Guidance and the new pathway.
  • To measure Patient Experience and understanding of their condition.

The benefits of the project to:

The Patient

  • Patients who are at risk of fracture are identified for review and are managed appropriately in line with national guidance.
  • Patients diagnosed with osteoporosis are considered and managed appropriately in line with national guidance.
  • Patients who have discontinued medication with or without consultation are identified and will have the opportunity for a review and where appropriate identified for further treatment.
  • An anticipated improvement in quality of life through fewer fractures in future years.
  • Improved understanding of their condition.
  • An evidence based, redesigned patient care pathway may offer patients the potential for care closer to home.


  • Improved understanding of the numbers of patients at risk of fracture in their practices.
  • Increased levels of fracture prevention in their at risk population, in line with national guidance.
  • Patients who may gain a better understanding of their condition.
  • An anticipated reduction in admissions to hospital for fragility fractures in future years.
  • Evidence to inform the development of a patient pathway.


  • This joint working project will create more opportunities for the appropriate use of medicines, including GSK medicines in suitable patients in line with national guidance.
  • Opportunity to work and learn from a genuine partnership with local NHS on an osteoporosis Joint Working project.
  • An understanding of how osteoporosis management could be improved via this pilot and an opportunity to share this learning via a case study to the wider NHS.

For further information please contact:

GSK UK Customer Contact Centre: +44 (0)800 221 441

UK/PPM/0020b/12(2) Archived 2015.