NHS Gloucestershire and GlaxoSmithKline UK (GSK)

Working Jointly to Improve COPD Healthcare


To improve quality and productivity in the management of patients with COPD in NHS Gloucestershire


  • Increase efficiency by optimising the patient pathway and reducing inappropriate referrals.
  • Deliver improved patient outcomes by raising standards from a QOF standard of care, to a NICE standard of care in the management of COPD. Moving practices away from a 15 month review, due to QOF, and towards a NICE standard of 6-12 month review.
  • Improve equality of care by reducing the variability in the management of COPD across practices within NHSG.
  • Improved management of COPD exacerbations through increased recording and improved patient review and appropriate use of medications in line with current NICE COPD 2010 guideline.
  • To assess the quality of the COPD service (as assessed by patients and HCPs).

Both parties have committed resources to support this project which will run from January 2011 - December 2011.


NHS Gloucestershire has a history of high spend on respiratory medicines but records only an average performance with regards hospital admissions when benchmarked against other PCT's in the South West SHA. A Respiratory Steering Group was formed in 2008 to provide a review of respiratory care in Gloucestershire.

The stated aims of the Gloucestershire Respiratory Steering Group, agreed at the Gloucestershire primary care trust PEC meeting on the 10th February 2009, are:

  • To improve the timeliness and comprehensiveness of the service to patients provided by the Healthcare Professional
  • To improve the health of patients with respiratory disease or to maintain health at an appropriate level where this is not possible
  • To understand why Gloucestershire is an outlier in some aspects of respiratory care utilisation
  • To reduce unnecessary hospital admissions through the provision of more comprehensive and responsive services in other settings
  • To reduce inappropriate spend on respiratory medicines
  • To ensure Gloucestershire is compliant with key national policy on respiratory care

In January 2009 GSK started working in partnership with NHS Gloucestershire on the development and implementation of the COPD care pathway and associated developments.

Based on successful partnership working to date between both parties, it has been agreed that GSK UK and NHS Gloucestershire will continue to work together through the Respiratory Steering Group, and will combine financial and people resource in this Joint Working Project.

For further information please contact us using our Joint Working contact details

or contact: GSK UK Customer Contact Centre: +44 (0)800 221 441


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