NHS Dudley and GSK

Joint Working Agreement

NHS Dudley Respiratory Local Implementation Team and GlaxoSmithKline UK (GSK) working jointly to improve adult asthma healthcare in the Dudley area.

Both parties have committed resources to support this project, which will run from May 2011 – April 2012

The purpose of this Joint Working project is to improve the quality and productivity in the management of patients with asthma within practices in the Dudley area.

The approach will cover:

  • Development of a patient pathway and management protocol.
  • Delivery of a bespoke education and training programme for healthcare professionals.
  • Deployment of a patient experience questionnaire to assess the impact of the education and training programme on patient care.

The benefits of the project are:

NHS Dudley and GSK Benefits

NHS Dudley and GSK Benefits
The Patient NHS Dudley GlaxoSmithKline
Consistent standard of care and improved concordance in line with current local and national guidelines. A service that supports the development of healthcare professionals involving training to effectively identify, diagnose and manage adult asthma patients. This project is intended to create more opportunities for the appropriate use of medicines, including GSK's medicines in suitable patients in line with local guidelines.
Better understanding around the need to manage their condition with access to self management plans and patient literature. To advise on and promote the appropriate use of medicines to patients in accordance with the local guidelines and the Dudley Health Economy drugs Formulary. Increased acknowledgment of the role GSK has in supporting NHS Dudley priorities in improving patient management.
Localised care closer to home within primary care and for the housebound. The development of a patient pathway that integrates services across the health economy. To case study how joint working between GSK and NHS Dudley has improved the management of asthma in line with the QIPP parameters.

 For further information please contact:

GSK UK Customer Contact Centre: +44 (0)800 221

UK/PPM/0123b/11(1) Archived 2015.