Sunderland Commissioning Consortia and GlaxoSmithKline Joint Working agreement

Executive Summary

Sunderland Commissioning Consortia Group and GlaxoSmithKline are engaged in Joint Working to improve Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) healthcare in the Sunderland area.

Both parties have committed resources to support this project, which will run from November 2011 – November 2012.

The Joint Working agreement aims to reduce health inequalities associated with COPD and includes the development and implementation of a Healthcare Professional education programme. The Joint Working project will increase access to high quality information and best practice management strategies for people with COPD and help support the:

  • Correct diagnosis of COPD
  • Prevention of COPD exacerbations through increased patient review and appropriate use of medications in line with NICE COPD Guidelines 2010
  • Improvement of the quality of COPD referrals to secondary care and the community team
  • Equity of service delivery across all practices in the PCT through the education of healthcare professionals

For further information please contact 

GSK UK Customer Contact Centre: +44 (0)800 221 441

UK/RESP/0219e/11(1) Archived 2015.