Cwm Taf Health Board and GSK COPD


Cwm Taf Health Board (CTHB) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Joint Working Project to deliver improved management of COPD including smoking cessation across the Health Board Community. This project will commence in June 2013 and complete at the end of February 2015.


  • Optimise management of COPD patients in line with NICE COPD Guideline 2010.
  • Increase healthcare professional’s confidence/knowledge/enthusiasm to manage patients in the community.
  • Potentially reduce unplanned admission, readmission rates and spend to secondary care.
  • Optimise medicines use for COPD patients aligned to NICE COPD Guideline 2010.
  • Increased patient awareness and understanding of their condition including:-

             1. knowledge of how to use their inhaler
             2. how to manage their COPD
             3. how to manage COPD symptoms as a result of their COPD review
             4. how smoking affects COPD

  • Increased carer awareness and understanding of COPD.
  • To increase the number of healthcare professionals who can deliver smoking cessation interventions and discuss the importance of smoking cessation for COPD patients.
  • Increase the number of COPD patients referred to smoking cessation services.
  • Increase in the proportion of COPD patients, (motivated to quit) referred to smoking cessation services, that successfully quit (carbon monoxide [CO] verified at 4 weeks and self reported at 52 weeks).
  • Determine the level of patient satisfaction in the smoking cessation service.

The benefits of the project:

The Patient

  • Reduced exacerbations of COPD and improved quality of life.
  • More localised care closer to home.
  • Consistent standard of care across the locality in line with NICE COPD guidelines 2010.
  • An improved understanding of their condition and how to manage it.
  • An improved experience of the health system and potentially improved outcomes.

The NHS – Cwm Taf Health Board

  • Skills and motivation for healthcare professionals enhanced.
  • Potential reduction in unplanned COPD admissions and readmissions.
  • Appropriate use of medicines in line with NICE COPD Guidelines 2010.
  • Opportunity to share outcomes with the wider NHS via a case study and written article.
  • Support the achievement of QOF Standards.


  • This Joint Working project is intended to create more opportunities for the appropriate use of medicines, in line with the NICE COPD Guideline 2010. This will include GSK's medicines in suitable patients.
  • Increased acknowledgement and understanding of the role of GSK in supporting the locality to improve the patient’s experience of the health system and potentially improve patient outcomes.
  • To document how Joint Working between GSK and Cwm Taf Health Board has improved the care for COPD patients.

For further information please contact:

GSK UK Customer Contact Centre: +44 (0)800 221 441

UK/RESP/0112a/13(1) Archived 2015.