Fareham & Gosport CCG and GSK COPD Joint Working Project

Executive summary

North East Essex CCG and GSK are undertaking Joint Working with the aim of delivering improved local COPD care for patients within the CCG.

This involves a balance of contributions with the pooling of skills, experience and resources. The project aims to support the delivery of improved COPD care for patients in the locality as well as aiming to ensure that the care delivered is implemented in line with local guidelines.

The project will consist of a baseline audit measuring COPD care delivery using an audit system provided by GSK, Health Care Professional self-education [delivered by the NHS], followed by a patient review period [delivered by the NHS] undertaken in Primary Care.

Progress will be tracked by the GSK audit system, Healthcare Professional and Patient questionnaires. Overall project delivery will be overseen by a Project Manager. The project will run from 1st April 2016 to 1st April 2017.

Intended benefits

For the patient



  • Delivery of optimised local COPD care management will be supported through focussing on the recording of 10 disease related measures.
  • Delivery of optimised care in line with local guidelines (and in line with nationally accepted guidance).
  • Improved patient experience and understanding of their disease as a result of their lung check up as measured by a questionnaire.


For the NHS


  • Improved data recording for its COPD patient population.
  • Improved patient experience as measured by a patient questionnaire.
  • COPD specific training to enhance skills for participating primary care HCPs (measured by an HCP questionnaire)
  • Achievement of local medicines optimisation (in line with the local COPD guidelines).




  • Increased appropriate use of medicines, which may include GSK medicines.



For further information please contact:

NHS: Sheila Baldwin, Senior Medicines Management, North East Essex CCG - 01206286917 GSK: GSK UK Customer Contact Centre +44 (0)800 221 441


Date of Preparation Mar 2016 UK/RESP/0028/16a(1)a