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MaxiNutrition is the UK’s No.1 expert recommended sports nutrition brand, and have been providing first-class sport nutrition products for twenty years. MaxiNutrition is proud to partner with a number of National Governing Bodies, Elite Teams and professional athletes as well as industry-leading partners such as England Rugby, Northampton Saints and London Wasps.

The MaxiNutrition range of sports nutrition supplements use scientifically-proven ingredients including protein, creatine, micronutrients and a number of other key ingredients to provide tailored support. Unlike many other sports nutrition brands on the market, MaxiNutrition test every single batch of every product that we make. This means you can always be 100% sure of the quality of the product you’re buying.

The MaxiNutrition range includes a range of bars, ready to drink milks and powders split into four categories based on training goal. Each of our products are expertly formulated with ingredients that meet specific needs, such as sustaining and rebuilding muscles, building up strength, bulking up in size, or losing weight Our range caters to every type of exerciser, whether you exercise a few times a week or you are a full-time athlete.

FuelMax was launched in June 2010 with a range of products designed for endurance exercise. Working with elite endurance teams and athletes such as the Brownlee brothers, MaxiNutrition has developed specialist products, formulated for to use at competition standards.

Sculptress is a meal replacement product range aimed at women for weight management. The range includes a bar, ready to drink milk and a powder shake.

Major markets: United Kingdom

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