Complete the Cycle

Our inhaler recycling and recovery scheme is the first recycling and recovery scheme for all respiratory inhalers.

As a leader in the research and development of respiratory medicines, GSK recognises that
respiratory inhalers and their disposal in landfill are harmful to the environment. We believe that it is possible to deliver sustainable business growth while protecting the resources we need for the future and safeguarding the environment. GSK is offering this scheme as a value-added service to facilitate the responsible recycling and disposal of all inhalers – not just those manufactured by GSK.

We have been piloting this scheme in the UK since February 2011, and up until the end of February 2015, 425,600 inhalers have been collected, giving a CO2 equivalent saving of 3,017 tonnes.  By working together with patients, pharmacies and healthcare professionals, we aim to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, moving towards a more environmentally sustainable treatment of respiratory disease.

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