What made you want to pursue an apprenticeship?

I decided on an apprenticeship because when I weighed it up against university I felt that it had a lot more to offer. I still think its the best way to go as you get hands-on training in a job while gaining your qualifications at the same time. This means you can learn the practical side of a job as well as the theoretical, but it also means that you can avoid taking on a student debt while you get your degree. 

Why did you choose to join GSK?

GSK is a company that really looks after its apprentices, I knew this because I already had friends who worked within GSK and they told me about all of the benefits. Not only does GSK look after its apprentices but it is also a forward-thinking company. It's committed to helping people all around the world improve their lives, from staff volunteering locally to the actual products that are produced, so it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am part of a company that is trying to improve the world we live in.

Is this an area of work you have always wanted to go in to?

If I am honest I had never heard of a Pharma Tech worker before I started applying for an apprenticeship, but now I have actually started the role I have come to realise that I often did similar roles previously due to the jobs and school work that I had done. Because of this I would think that even when I was younger this would have been a job that I would have enjoyed to do.

What advice would you give someone thinking about applying for an apprenticeship?

I would say never give up, even if you feel that you won’t be the best candidate for the job. Just from my own personal experience I can say that I originally got knocked back by GSK for a different job role, but they informed me that they had put me forward for this job and when I showed up to the assessment day I was rather sceptical that I would get the job. I am now working in GSK as a Pharma Tech apprentice and even though I didn’t apply to the job originally, GSK showed that they cared and I love the job that they have given me.