Why did you chose an apprenticeship?

I chose to pursue an apprenticeship because I wanted to develop skills specific to an industry that I was interested in, and also have the opportunity to put those skills to practice, to see how they would work in a live environment.

I had become frustrated with my A-Level studies as only two out of my four subjects were of interest to me, and I found it hard to apply myself to all four subjects equally. As well as that, I knew that I was just being taught how to pass the final exams, rather than learning anything that would translate to a work environment. So, I chose the apprenticeship scheme as a way to continue to develop myself academically whilst combining that with professional experience.

What are you most proud of achieving during the apprentice programme?

I am most proud of my two apprenticeship awards. I was firstly awarded the ‘Cogent National Apprenticeship Award’ in May 2014, and later that year in November 2014 I was awarded the ‘Spark! London Apprentice of the Year’ award. These were a result of the additional responsibilities I had taken on and contributions I had made above and beyond the usual apprentice remit within the life-science sector. They were also for the work I had put in with school students across London to educate them on the opportunities available to them post GCSE & A-Level.

The awards were a special moment, but the work that earned me the awards is what I am most proud of, and I am thankful for the trust that was invested in me to be given greater levels of responsibility at an early point in my career.

What opportunities have you had since you've left the programme?

Since finishing the apprenticeship programme I have held the role of ‘New Business & Divestment Manager’. In this role I have been presented with multiple opportunities including:

  • managing launch shipment set-ups across the Europe, Middle-East & Africa Region
  • managing the logistics aspect of a number of GSK Divestments for brands and assets that GSK has agreed to sell to other organisations
  • my latest opportunity has brought me to Singapore where I am now based, working on launch & operations management for the Asia Pacific region, as well as helping to develop an apprenticeship scheme in Singapore

These opportunities arose as a result of the knowledge, skill and experience gained through the supply chain apprenticeship scheme.

How has your apprenticeship helped your career?

The apprenticeship scheme has been the best start to a career I could have asked for. It has enabled me to gain experience working with people from all parts of the globe, working with sites and external parties across the supply chain, and the opportunity to embark on a global assignment that has seen me posted overseas in Singapore.

Furthermore, part of my current role allows me to give back to the apprenticeship scheme by working as a mentor to new apprentices, as well as working with other Early Talent & Capability leads to be able to eexpand the apprenticeship scheme internationally here in Singapore.

The apprenticeship gave me the confidence to ask questions and to be inquisitive, which is a skill I will take with me for the rest of my career to ensure I am always learning something new. And finally, one of the best parts is that I have been able to gain valuable business experience while earning a salary, without having to sacrifice my academic qualifications - which has seen me gain a diploma and degree in supply chain.