What made you decide to pursue an apprenticeship with GSK?

I decided to apply for an IT apprenticeship with GSK after finishing my A-Levels and felt that I would personally be able to learn a lot more by learning on the job and gaining first-hand experience. I have always had a passion for IT and a real interest in the constantly evolving world of technology and felt GSK would be an ideal place to learn these skills whilst also learning about the Pharma industry and how IT helps discover medicines. I feel that this approach would allow me to develop personally and professionally. I specifically decided to choose the GSK IT apprenticeship over other organisations as I felt that GSK have the right ethics in terms of being patient focused and always working towards helping people Do More, Feel Better and Live Longer.

What are you most proud of achieving?

Securing the apprenticeship placement itself has been proud moment for me as I was able stand out in front of many other candidates who also applied for the role. Being given the opportunity to manage many projects myself throughout my apprenticeship so far has also been a very rewarding achievement as it has allowed me to develop my business knowledge and soft skills such as communication and time keeping skills. I was also proud about completing the ‘Outward Bound Trust’ challenge as it allowed me to push and improve myself physically and mentally.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship allows you to get real and valuable on the job experience which university or college cannot help you get. As well as the experience, joining an apprenticeship scheme lets the employer train you in a way that is beneficial to them as employer with skills that help you make a difference. Apprenticeships provide you with a huge amount of opportunities to develop personally and professionally.