L7 Bioinformatics Scientist Masters Training Programme

This apprenticeship programme offers graduates the opportunity to undertake a sponsored Masters degree whilst simultaneously gaining valuable experience in a leading global healthcare company.

Computational Biology supports drug discovery and development through the integrative analysis of internal and/or external biomedical data. Our analysis competencies and machine learning techniques are very diverse and contribute to multiple phases of the drug development pipeline. Our work has a resulting impact on new medicines for important diseases and unmet medical needs.

Masters Training Programme

What will my key responsibilities be?

  • Your focus will be on further developing digital data analytics capability, in particular the analysis of a wide range of internally and externally generated genomics data to support drug discovery focusing on drug target identification and validation, a foundational step in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Use of a wide range of analytical techniques applicable to genomics data (e.g. Diverse NGS -Next Generation Sequencing- analyses, biological network analyses, graph analyses, integrative -e.g. multi-omics- analyses). This will also include advanced techniques based on machine learning approaches to analyse large and multidimensional data sets.

What will the role consist of?

  • Analysing biomedical data to support drug discovery, focusing on target identification and validation in immunology and oncology.
  • Using a range of bioinformatics and data analytical techniques, including advanced methodologies based in machine learning/deep learning.
  • Using and implementing good data management techniques, including curation, to prepare the data for analysis and long-term availability.
  • Development of appropriate statistical and quantitative principles in the analyses.
  • Masters Apprentices will work in teams of Computational Biologists, Data scientists, IT specialists and Biologists.
  • Development of excellent communication skills (e.g. presenting results to diverse audiences including senior scientists).
  • This role is office based (not Lab based) and you will be flexibly studying for a Masters with a preferred provider while working and gaining experience.
  • You will work with a team of chemists, analytical scientists and biologists to discover new drug molecules and understand how they influence their targets.
  • The role will be based at our R&D hub in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Do I have the skills?

An ideal candidate will have:

  • BSc in Biology related degree, Maths, Stats or Computer science.
  • Good level in maths and quantitative techniques and interest to apply in a biological context.
  • Demonstrated ability to program (e.g. Python, C, Java).
  • General basic knowledge of biology.
  • Interest in genomics and its applications to drug discovery.
  • Ability to work in teams, achieve defined goals and implement agreed plans and communicate effectively results to non-experts.
  • An innovative mind, the ability to solve problems and ability to adapt to change.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral.

When can I apply?

Applications closed for 2020.