Pharmacy pre-registration training programme

In the UK, pharmacy graduates need one year pre-registration experience to fulfil the requirements to be admitted to the register of practising pharmacists. We take on pre-registration pharmacy graduates who undertake a 12-month training period to satisfy specific training requirements. For 2020-2021 we have a number of opportunities open for this programme.

What is the GSK pre-registration pharmacy programme all about?

The pre-registration pharmacist programme is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). Pre-registration pharmacists must complete 52 weeks of satisfactory supervised and assessed training in employment and pass the registration assessment for admission to the GPhC register.

Students can spend either 12 months in the NHS or community or six months in Industry and six months in NHS/community. The GSK pre-registration training programme is a split programme, where each pre-registration pharmacist will spend six months at GSK and six months in one of our community partners in a patient-facing environment.

What will I learn?

The programme focuses on Pharmacy graduates, who can work in either our pharmaceutical R&D environment or our manufacturing and supply organisation.  You will be helping progress the development of potential new medicines from discovery through clinical trials and registration to the factory and beyond. Some activities might include:

  • Developing drug substances, manufacturing processes and formulations for early & late stage clinical trials
  • Transforming drug substances into packaged drug product, with key capabilities in oral solid dose, inhaled, formulation design, drug delivery, continuous processing and packaging.

What will the programme be like?

The pre-registration pharmacist training scheme is regulated by the GPhC and so strict learning objectives are laid down governing how the scheme operates. The pre-registration training is managed by a tutor, an experienced pharmacist at GSK.

Do I have the skills?

Each pre-registration pharmacist will have graduated with a pharmacy degree (i.e. MPharm) from a UK University or successfully completed the Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP), also from a UK University. Therefore our students are taken from UK universities that have an accredited pharmacy degree programme.

How can I apply?

Applications now open