R&D Data Science Graduate programme

Medicinal Science & Technology (MST) within Pharma R&D is accountable for ensuring that GSK has access to technology that amplifies our science, bringing competitive advantage by providing new insights that improve the probability of delivering transformational medicines to patients.

We are responsible for delivering scientific expertise and platform capabilities including Data and Computational Sciences, Functional Genomics, Chemical Biology and Biopharmaceutical Platforms to ensure that GSK can deliver the best modality and molecules for development in a particular disease area. Within MST, there are a number of lines which support this process, working with the Research units to design and deliver the high-quality molecules which are necessary for successful clinical evaluation.

What is involved in the Data Science Graduate programme?

Within the first 2 years of your career at GSK, you will undertake 3 rotations across our Data and Computational Sciences, Medicine Design and/or Process Development teams within MST, at Stevenage UK. 

These rotations will provide you with the knowledge, technical capability and confidence to be highly successful in the position and beyond.  During this time, you will have the opportunity to interact with other graduates for training and networking events.  You will undertake a number of core training and personal development courses to quickly bring you up to speed with GSK values and expectations.

By joining the GSK Data Science Graduate programme, you will gain unique experience in the growing field of data science within the pharmaceutical industry and learn how to combine complex biological/chemical data from a range of sources. You will obtain skills in data analytics and statistics and learn how to perform analyses on multiparametric datasets to test hypotheses to design medicines.  Exceptional skills in scientific communication and data visualisation will allow you to work effectively with leaders and team members by, for example, designing a dashboard to present datasets and analyses clearly and in ways which facilitate understanding and deliver new insights. You will gain insights into influencing business decisions with data to answer specific questions and provide organisational insights for objective, data-driven decision-making.

In your role you can expect to:

  • Interact with therapy area experts to create action plans to translate activity of selected molecules into a testable medicine hypothesis.
  • Be a driving factor towards a culture shift of the pharmaceutical industry using data science and machine learning in the drug development pipeline.
  • Deliver high quality analyses and visualisations of data to enable early decision-making around biological target and compound selections.
  • Understand pharmacological principles and interpret quantitative data sets from compound profiling experiments.
  • Implement innovative analytical and IT solutions that are capable of handling large multiparametric datasets
  • Contribute and take a role in defining strategy and success in this area.
  • Work across matrix organisations and with commercial partners to evaluate and implement new data handling solutions.

You will need:

  • BSc (2:2 or better) or MSc/PhD in Data Science/Computer Science/Maths/Bioinformatics
  • A passion for biological sciences and medicine
  • To be a motivated and proactive graduate with a talent for multitasking
  • A gift for building strong relationships with key stakeholders
  • The ability to adapt to change
  • A ‘disruptive’ mindset, proposing novel approaches to challenging scientific problems
  • An analytical mind and an eye for detail
  • Excellent communication skills

When can I apply?

Applications closed for 2020.