VP Nutrition R&D

Joined us in 1984, based in the UK

What makes you, you?

I enjoy seeing people develop and improve in whatever they may be doing. In my spare time, I coach and referee mini rugby for kids up to the age of 12.

What’s the best thing about working here?

Why have I stayed all this time? We’re a large, learning organisation and the opportunities are countless. Every time I’ve thought I cannot learn any more, they’ve given me something new.

What are your highlights?

I spent 10 years on the food side of the business, eventually running a research and development (R&D) team, before focusing on traditional consumer healthcare products. I was given the opportunity to build a professional project management team to support the consumer R&D organisation. Creating something from scratch was an immense learning curve – but a chance to leave my legacy. I’m now head of R&D for nutritional drinks, with around 100 people reporting to me.

How have we supported your development?

I have had excellent line managers and even an executive coach in the past. My roles and secondments have also stretched me. For example, being very food-focused at the beginning of my career, I swapped roles with my counterpart in oral care to expand my capabilities. I was there for five years, working on Aquafresh and Macleans.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us?

Look on it as a career and not a job. Be clear what drives you so that your development matches your aspirations.