Senior Director, Clinical Development, Quality & Risk Management

Research & Development

Location, US

Why did you come to GSK? How would you describe your role?

During 15 years at GSK, I’ve enjoyed increased responsibilities of various roles, resulting in a rewarding career. Currently I am responsible for quality and risk management in dermatology R&D

What do you like most about working at GSK?

Seeing first-hand how GSK is aiming to be a more disability confident organisation, in the US, UK and globally. I feel a sense of pride in helping GSK to move in the right direction.

Did you require an adaptation or support to do your work? How did GSK respond?

Having a disability that is not particularly noticeable, at times it has been challenging accessing tools and support needed.  Through my experiences, I realised that others may also be dealing with similar issues and not have the courage to make their needs known. I decided I had to be brave and speak up so I could help make a lasting impact. With that in mind and with the help of others, I  launched the Disability Confidence Network (DCN) as a GSK Employee Resource Group.  DCN is a trusted internal resource that partners with our businesses to focus on the ability in disability and enable all GSK employees to reach their true potential at work. We’re advocates for those with disabilities and we’ve helped individuals navigate their own particular challenges. In the last year alone, we’ve held inclusion week and disability awareness sessions, supported fundraising efforts and much more, resulting in a steady increase in membership.

How would you describe the culture at GSK?

As well as being a founder of DCN, I’m a member of both the GSK Global Disability Council and the GSK R&D Inclusion Council. It’s been really important that people at the top have bought into the idea of a disability confident culture, but there’s always work to be done, particularly in ensuring  facilities and technology are  more accessible and addressing cultural and attitudinal behaviours by building our disability confidence.