Meet Georgina

My top three highlights 

  1. Networking- I was able to get to know people within and outside my team which allowed me to arrange various site visits, get to know different areas of the business and meet people with a variety of skill sets.
  2. Exposure to the business environment- I studied Biomedical Sciences at University so my summer placement was my first experience within a business environment. I learnt so much within such a short period of time and was able to use some of the skills I learnt for committee roles once I was back at University.
  3.  I got offered a place on the IT-FLP Graduate Scheme from the summer placement- at the end of the placement I had the opportunity to do a presentation in front of sponsors of the placement and graduate schemes and allowed me to demonstrate what I had done, what I had learnt and to express my interest in joining the graduate scheme. I also had the opportunity to do a second summer placement in a different business area after this too.  

Tell us about your role and responsibilities

I was working on a project so my main roles and responsibilities were to do with project management. This could include things such as driving team meetings, engaging with Superusers, gathering data to analyse the efficiency of the tasks being completed, updating the roadmap progress and mapping workloads of team members. I was encouraged by my team to expand my network so I made sure to look out for opportunities in which I could shadow, visit different sites, or have meetings with different people to learn more about GSK. 

What advice and tips would you give to someone applying for a summer placement?

It is a great opportunity to get exposure to a different business area and working environment to the one in which you study or have previously worked in, so try and push yourself out of your comfort zone and apply to something a bit different to what you are used to. With the application process itself, be yourself, be positive and be passionate. You don’t need to have a depth of knowledge in the area you are applying for, you just need to have the potential and the ability to learn, so make sure you have plenty of examples in which you have shown these abilities. Research GSK as a company, get to know it’s core values and expectations because knowing these will help guide and structure your answers and will allow you to get a feel of the culture within GSK. Interview questions are based on the STAR structure, but it is very important to be honest and open when answering these questions and to demonstrate all the great things you have done that will help you to make the most out of the summer placement.