Meet Helen


My top three highlights:

  • Sharing an office with the world’s largest seamless high-resolution touch screen.
  • Watching shopper research in real time in our futuristic ‘viewing room’
  • The GSK salad bar! 

Role and responsibilities

I work as a Shopper Science Lab Executive in GSK’s world class Shopper Science facility. The Shopper Science Lab serves two main purposes. Firstly, it is used to create and use shopper insights through research. Secondly, the space is used for collaboration with retailers. We aim to strengthen our relationships with them through mutually beneficial projects.

My responsibilities are varied and each day is different. We use a lot of technology in the lab and I often help brand teams to use it when they are conducting research in our facility. I am also responsible for organising and leading internal tours around the lab. We use these tours to show brand teams how they can use the facilities to generate insights and update the sales and category teams about how they might wish to collaborate with retailers.

I have been heavily involved in projects with a key retailer and will continue to collaborate with them throughout the year. On top of all of this, I also juggle a number of responsibilities such as co-managing bookings and catering requests, keeping up-to-date records of everything that takes place in the lab and the outcomes of these events, and pursuing my own projects and charity work.

Consumer healthcare Industrial Placements are given a target sum of money that they should raise for charity each year. So far, I have been an active member in a charity team which focused its fund raising efforts around the Rugby World Cup. We organised a number of sweepstakes throughout GSKH, sold official England jerseys at a discounted price and auctioned off signed rugby memorabilia. This was a highly successful effort and we raised a total of £3896.22, a healthy contribution to our £25,000  target. We have now far surpassed our target and are on track to raise over £31,000.

Advice and tips

Make your interests clear. Be straightforward about what you would like to get out of your placement year. GSK are great at selecting candidates for roles in which they are well suited. That is how I ended up in the Shopper Science Lab, a role which utilises science and psychology.

Plans for the future

I study Business Management but science is heavily embedded in everything we do here at GSK. I have realised during my time here that I wish to pursue a career in the health/pharmaceuticals industry. Primarily in a role which utilises science on a daily basis. I am now exploring post-graduate options that will allow me to do so. These options range from a masters in neuroscience to a four year medical degree!