Meet Lucy


My top three highlights would be:

  1. Presenting to the SVP HRBL for GMS on my core project and getting his feedback.
  2. Running and leading a number of the global training calls with site/quality/ HR site leads for my core project after leading the wave 2 roll out.
  3. Having the opportunity to sit in on the core team meetings for the creation of the new Global Learning Organisation and experience how a large scale restructure was managed and organised. 

My role and responsibilities: 

During my internship I worked with the HRBL for Primary in GMS, and the ER Strategy Director. My key project was ‘Infractions in a Manufacturing Environment’, which involved rolling out the second wave of a global process being introduced to all of our manufacturing sites updating the way infractions were managed on site. This included collating data from AAR’s of the first wave to assess how the process had landed and how successfully it had been embedded. I then implemented some small improvements to the roll out process to try and set the process up for success in the second wave. Finally I organised and lead many of the global calls to Site leads, Quality leads and HR site leads across GMS to train them on the process.


Another project I was involved in was the creation of the new Global Learning organisation. I had the opportunity to attend the majority of the core team meetings, and help collate and prepare the people data for presentation to the LT to review impact for the different areas/countries.


My final project was helping organise a 4 -day event that combined the annual talent review for the Primary business in GMS with an opportunity for key talent to meet with the Lead team and take part in a number of activities to showcase their capabilities. This project gave me the opportunity to meet with the primary LT, gain some experience with project management and also an insight into how different businesses approach managing talent within their organisations. 

What advice and tips would you give to someone applying for a summer placement? 

Look for roles/activities where you will be given responsibility and will be challenged – these are the kind of experiences that helped me develop and build confidence in myself as a professional.

Take the opportunity to build your network. You will learn a lot about different roles and areas that might be of interest to you and it will help build the bigger picture of the organisation as a whole.

Don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities. If something interests you, find someone who can tell you about it, or if possible get involved.

Don’t worry if you realise the role is not exactly where you want to be, but just be aware of the areas and activities you most enjoy as this may help inform your decision of what you want to do in future. Also it will still be a fantastic opportunity to learn about yourself, have an impact in a real life business and develop your skills in something new!