Meet Arthi


A little bit about me 

I am Arthi, a second-year student at Cass Business School, City University of London reading Accounting and Finance. What initially attracted me towards GSK is the breadth of knowledge I could gain about financial systems and processes of such a large multinational organisation. The fact that the work I do will positively impact the level of care patients receive was another motivating factor. The core values of GSK aligned with my personal values and I knew I’d be proud to work for them. 

The placement 

I remember walking into GSK on my first day feeling really nervous but not only my team, but all the colleagues in my floor made me feel really welcomed. I settled in very soon and felt comfortable to approach people for help when needed. My most favourite aspect of GSK has to be the friendly and supportive work environment. 

During my internship, I worked in the Record to Report team, mostly in the global processes side, which gave me a great insight into how a company as big as GSK would set up processes and continually improve them to maximise efficiency. My tasks were mainly based around supporting the current projects of the team. The main project I was involved in was one where globally GSK entities would begin to record month end activities on a cloud-based system. This will help in standardising the current manual methods, improve transparency and define accountability of activities. My tasks included consolidating tasks in excel sheets, monitoring if users had completed appropriate training etc. It was rewarding to contribute and see the project evolve from its early stages to the final phase. Once the project went live, I assisted in running reports and updating the team globally on user engagement and the timeliness of completion of tasks on a daily basis. 

The main highlights of my internship have been the opportunity to learn how a company would tackle problems that may incur during the implementation of new processes and ensure there are no detrimental effects on efficiency. An important part of this was making end users aware of the capabilities of the new process and training them appropriately. Another highlight has been presenting my work on several global calls and doing a presentation at the end of my internship in front of a large audience which helped me become more confident while presenting. 

My top tips for a new summer placement student 

My advice to new placement students would be to make an effort to actively network with colleagues and learn from their experience. This helped me learn a lot about different roles and areas that interested me and also build a bigger picture of the organisation. If you are interested to know what another team does, with the help of your team members find someone who can tell you more about it. If you do not feel challenged in the role you are in, don’t be afraid to speak to your manager and ask for tasks where you will be given more responsibility and will be challenged. Most important of them all, remember to have fun!