Samuel Hill

Samuel Hill

A little bit about me 

Hi, I’m Sam from Dudley in the West Midlands near to Birmingham and I study pharmacy at Aston university. What made me come to GSK is the opportunity to gain industrial experience to decide which future career pathway I would potentially take. 

The placement 

My project revolved around using a novel piece of analytical equipment known as BARDS to quantify and determine the disintegration, dissolution, coating thickness and behaviours of different formulations. I’ve also been able to see the variety of roles GSK has to offer and the areas those roles reside. 


  • Being able to work independently and produce data using novel equipment.
  • Tours of the different areas and roles GSK has to offer including the pilot plant, PSC and Harlow.
  • Been able to apply my knowledge, results and experience to produce a poster demonstrating my work I’ve produced over the summer 

First day?

On my first day at GSK I didn’t feel nervous, I was excited and intrigued to start. Now I feel more comfortable in the role I perform here, as I’ve adapted to the environment I’m working in. This is very different compared to university and working in community pharmacy. 

My top tips for a new summer placement student 

  • Embrace every opportunity you get thrown at you.
  • Try and network/communicate with as many people as possible. LinkedIn worked well to keep in touch with contacts.
  • Have an idea what you want to see or what you’re interested in at university and try and arrange the chance to see the job role or what the role includes. 

Social aspects 

As for someone who had to move to the area I was unsure about the opportunities and social interaction I’d have whilst I’m here. Fortunately, the other placement students were really friendly and we’d usually socialise after work once a week whilst on placement. I also took part in the 6 a side football on Tuesday nights where I could meet and interact with other GSK employees. 

Future plans 

I’ve recently applied for the GSK pre-registration placement at GSK Ware and received an interview, si if I’m successful with the application, hopefully I’ll be able to come back to here in 2020. I’ve also been offered a pre-registration placement with Boots as I’ve worked with them since my first semester of university. I’m very interested with Hospital too, but I’m firmly set with doing my pre-reg with GSK.