Save The Children

GSK is supporting Save the Children’s Born to Read programme in England, and Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! programme across the UK.

Born to Read

The Born to Read programme will provide almost 8,000 more reading helper placements to support 23,000 pupils in schools across England, working in partnership with Beanstalk – an organisation with over 40 years’ experience in helping children learn to read.

A student who leaves school unable to read confidently starts adult life at a severe disadvantage: they are far more likely to find only low-paid jobs, or not to find work at all. Born to Read is an innovative reading programme that aims to ensure every child, no matter their circumstances, leaves primary school reading confidently and ready to take full advantage of their secondary education and grow up to fulfil their potential. Volunteers read with children, in school, twice a week for 90 minutes each time; the results of this small addition to a child’s schooling are a vast improvement in reading ability. 74% of children progressed by at least two sub-levels after three terms of support. 93% of children made progress in their reading attainment.

Since launching Born to Read in September 2013, Save the Children have reached 16,893 children by having recruited, trained and placed 1736 reading helpers across 647 schools in England. With GSK’s support, they have been able to recruit 194 of those volunteers, providing support to a total of 582 children to improve their life chances and help to unlock their full potential.

Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play!

Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! (ESLP!) is Save the Children’s childhood development grant programme that supports deprived families with young children by providing essential household items. These items improve children’s health and wellbeing, their ability to learn and develop in the long term, and reduce financial pressures in the home, including family stress and poor mental health.

In the UK today, four million children are living in poverty – just under a third of all children. Living in these circumstances doesn’t just ruin childhood in the here and now; it has a lasting impact on children’s performance at school, and in their life chances.

Since the launch of ESLP! in October 2011, this programme to reach over 26,000 disadvantaged families across the UK, improving the lives of over 56,000 children. Between September 2016 and February 2017, 40 grants were delivered to families with GSK funding, reaching 78 children.