Theodora Children's Charity

The mission at the heart of the Theodora Children’s Charity is to contribute to the wellbeing of children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres by providing visits from professional performers, called Giggle Doctors, who have been trained to work in a medical environment.

GSK provides funding for 5 Giggle Doctors to visit children at 5 hospitals nationally each year.

Extensive research, also funded by GSK, has shown that the Giggle Doctors help to reduce the stresses experienced by sick children during hospitalisation. A stay in hospital, whether overnight or longer term, can be scary and upsetting for children who are away from loved ones. The Giggle Doctors bring magical moments to the children’s wards, day clinics and outpatient departments, brightening the days of these brave children receiving chemotherapy, dialysis and other treatments.

GSK funded Giggle Doctor locations:

  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital (Birmingham)
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital (London)
  • Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital (Brighton)
  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (Manchester)
  • Southampton General Hospital (Southampton)