Joint Working Case Studies

By recognising aligned goals and objectives in areas of greatest mutual interest, GSK and the NHS can work jointly to improve patient outcomes and enhance patient experience.

This is where you’ll find a number of case studies outlining projects that we have been involved with over the last few years.

For more detailed  information about any of the featured case studies, or any aspect of our joint working just get in touch with our Customer Contact Centre on 0800 221 441.

These documents and the activities they describe were created and certified as compliant with all codes, regulations and laws in force during the period of time from their creation to completion. By accessing the documents within this archive library the reader acknowledges and accepts any differences that may exist between the standards and practices required today and those that were adhered to at the time when the activities and documents were certified.


UK/MA/0034c/13(5)  Date of Preparation June 2016