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COPD POINTS Plus Service

What is POINTS Plus?

The COPD POINTS Plus offering is an online web based audit application which helps support the NHS and healthcare professionals with their COPD patient reviews by extracting information from the practice IT systems to provide set reports populated with clinically coded disease-related information about the COPD patient population within their individual practice.

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POINTS Plus Availability

POINTS Plus is freely available to any NHS organisation that requests it. The service is offered under MEGS (Medical Educational Goods and Services) Agreement with a contractual agreement signed by the NHS Organisation and participating general practice (Authorisation Form only) which outlines the services covered by the offering. MEGS is a way of working outlined in Clause 19 of the PMCPA Code of Practice 2016 which enhance Patient care, or benefit the NHS and maintain Patient care. POINTS Plus is provided by GSK as a service to medicine to enhance patient care. There is no cost to the NHS for provision of the service. There is no obligation to prescribe GSK medicines in order to receive this service. The GP retains control of the Service at all time and is in line with the requirements of the Global Data Protection Regulations May 2018.

Harvey Walsh Ltd

Harvey Walsh Ltd, a leading healthcare intelligence and patient outcomes agency who are ISO & IG registered, are the third party working on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in relation to the extraction and secure management of data at all times. Please select the Information Governance option below for more detailed information.

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