Pocket assistance for your asthma

Health apps are revolutionising how people can manage their own health at home and on the go. From fitness to food to medical conditions, health apps are empowering people to better manage, maintain and plan around their health. 

And for asthma it’s no different. 

With more than 5.4 million people in the UK living with asthma it is no surprise that different people experience different symptoms and different triggers. Apps like MyAsthma help people with asthma to track patterns in their symptoms and identify triggers so that they can learn what to avoid and how to prepare so that they can better manage their condition. 

Kai Gait, Senior Digital Director at GSK and the man behind MyAsthma, tells us more about how and why we are committed to delivering innovation to people with asthma to provide new ways to help them to better manage their asthma.

Zinc code: UK/AST/0012/18a

Date of preparation: April 2018