Rate my inhaler

How many times have you consulted an online review site before deciding where to go on holiday, which hotel to stay in or where to eat?

It makes sense that when deciding to try something new, you want to know that other people have had positive experiences. Providing feedback also means that you can tell organisations what you do and do not like about their product or service, giving them more information so that they can make improvements.

That’s why we’ve worked with Health Innovation Manchester, the organisation responsible for accelerating proven innovation into Greater Manchester’s health and social care services at pace, iWantGreatCare and Academy® Award-winners Aardman (who brought us Wallace & Gromit and Creature Comforts), to tap into the spirit animals of some people in Greater Manchester who are living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We have asked them to talk about their experiences of living with COPD to encourage more patients to share feedback on the care they have received and the medicines they have used through a new feedback platform called Rate my Inhaler.

Imagine you have been diagnosed COPD; this is a progressive lung disease that makes it harder for you to breathe as time goes on. You’re now likely to spend more time visiting your local respiratory care team and will probably be prescribed an inhaler to help manage your symptoms. Would you want to be able to hear from other patients in your area about the care they receive, the inhaler they use or the services they access?

Rate my Inhaler is a patient review website where the 67,000 COPD patients living in Greater Manchester can anonymously rate and review the care they received from their clinicians as well as, for the first time, their prescribed COPD maintenance inhalers.

We believe that better outcomes can be achieved through personalised care and that hearing real stories from real people is important for continuously improving healthcare. So, to be able to think about what might help the patients of the future, the healthcare community needs to hear from those people who are receiving care now.

Andrew Miles, UK General Manager for GSK said “By sharing their experiences, patients can help their local health service identify what they are doing well and where they need to make improvements to help their patients now and in the future. For companies like GSK, hearing patient feedback on the inhalers they use means that we can see where we may need to make changes to the inhalers we make. Overall, understanding the impact that different aspects of respiratory care and medicines are actually having on real patients means that decision can be made now to help improve respiratory care in the future.”

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Date of preparation: March 2019