Phil Thomson, SVP of Communications & Government Affairs, on Corporate Responsibility

Our approach

GSK’s mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, live longer.

To achieve this mission we are adapting our business model and pursuing a strategy that delivers sustainable performance through innovation and expanding access, driven by our values.


For GSK, how we deliver success is just as important as what we achieve. Ensuring our values are embedded in our business is a priority. In 2012 we developed 23 forward-looking commitments across the four areas of our responsible business approach: Health for allOur behaviourOur peopleOur planet.


We have a robust structure in place to ensure the approach we take on corporate responsibility is appropriate. Our board-level Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC) has overall oversight and sits within a clear organisational structure that ensures accountability.

Corporate Responsibility Committee Organisational strcuture

Stakeholder dialogue

We engage with a wide range of stakeholders through: day-to-day interactions with customers; engagement with governments and patient advocacy groups; regular dialogue with employees; suppliers, partners and investors.

Dialogue with these stakeholders enables us to understand how our business may affect – or be affected – by them. Their feedback helps us to identify and prioritise important issues and develop responses that are in the best interests of society, as well as our shareholders.