Environmental Programmes

Find out about the environmental projects we are currently involved in with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, plays a vital role in addressing the challenges facing the natural world. It makes an important contribution to plant conservation as well as educating the public about the natural world through its world-famous gardens and in-school education programme.

GSK is a long-standing supporter of Kew and its important work. Our funding supports the following projects:

Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

Plants are disappearing at 1000 times the natural rate of extinction. This loss of biodiversity provides one of the greatest challenges faced by the world community. By 2020, the partnership will have saved 25% of the world’s plant species through seed banking.  It will use these seeds for the benefit of communities and conservation around the world.

Bursaries for Schools education programme

Working with local schools near to Kew and Wakehurst Place, the programme delivers much-needed practical and outdoor experience of science. Over 110,000 children visit Kew and Wakehurst Place every year through the formal school education programme.