Our commitments

Aiming to be carbon neutral

Reduce our overall carbon footprint by 25% by 2020 (vs. 2010) and have a carbon neutral value chain by 2050.

Progress: Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from our operations up 2% in 2013, but down 7% since 2010; Scope 3 emissions (excluding raw materials) up 1.5% in 2013 and up 11% since 2010, due to strong sales of HFA propellant-based inhalers.


Reducing our water impact

By 2020, reduce our water impact across the value chain by 20% (vs. 2010).

Progress: Used 16% less water in our operations (vs. 2010); mapped water use across our value chain; became first company to be awarded global certification to the Carbon Trust’s Water Standard.


Reducing our waste

By 2020, reduce our operational waste by 50% (vs. 2010).

Progress: Cut totalwaste by 6% and sent 39% less to landfill (vs.2010); achieved zero waste to landfill at 37 sites.


Building sustainability in our supply chain

Build sustainable supply lines for our Nutrition portfolio and work with local farmers to improve their agricultural practices, improve their yields, their competitiveness and their livelihoods.

Progress: Began working with a dairy supplier in India to develop a secure supply of locally produced whey protein (from milk) to make Horlicks and now source 60% of whey protein from the local supplier in India for Horlicks.