Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre's mission is to promote science and technology. They use thought-provoking, fun and exciting interactive experiences that inspire, challenge and engage to increase awareness of science for all in Scotland. GSK has been supporting the Glasgow Science Centre for over 11 years.

We have sponsored its BodyWorks on Tour programme since its launch in 2008 – this successful education outreach programme brings to life the science behind the human body through engaging shows, exhibits and interactive workshops. The 'On Tour' experience has been developed into two health and well-being programmes - BodyVision and FitLab. BodyVision looks at issues like how lifestyle choices can make a difference to your body and FitLab uncovers the effects of exercise on your body and how to reach your personal best. The latest exhibits in BodyWorks on Tour: Inspiring Science Futures, opens doors to learning about the science and careers behind human health and wellbeing.

With the support of GSK, the Glasgow Science Centre has taken science into communities and schools reaching over 850,000 people.