Patient Advocacy Group funding

In response to unsolicited requests from patient advocacy groups, we provide grants and donations to help meet patient need and where there is mutual scientific interest.

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and projects or groups are supported according to GSK criteria. 

Criteria for grants and donations

The UK Pharma Grants and Donations Committee uses the following criteria when assessing applications from patient advocacy groups for grants and donations: 

1. The grant or donation must be used for an activity with a valid and legitimate purpose that enhances patient care, or benefits the NHS and maintains patient care. Programmes currently within scope for approval include:

  • Patient Advocacy Group initiated Programmes and Core Funding
  • Grants to organisations that support healthcare professionals and related staff to attend Scientific Congresses with decision making independent of GSK
  • Public policy and advocacy programs and initiatives, including legal reform and government relations

2. The activity must be in a GSK disease area of strategic priority:

  • Respiratory
  • Vaccines
  • Stiefel 
  • Classic brands

3. Funding must be proportional to the activity and not excessive.

4. Applications must be from a legitimate, reputable organisation that has the capability and licences to conduct the activity.

5. The grant must be made in a manner that does not affect the independence of the recipient.

6. A grant will only extend beyond one year under exceptional circumstances.

7. A grant will not be given to an individual or be used for personal use.

8. A grant cannot provide more than 25% of total funding received by a single recipient through GSK grants, except for rare disease or start-up patient groups, which can receive up to 50% of the total funding. Any exception requires General Manager, Medical Director and Compliance Officer approval and shall not exceed 50% in any case. 

How to apply

Please complete the application and email to


Medical Executive, Associate Medical Director Team
GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd
Stockley Park West
UB11 1BT